Enter The World of Woodlore®Plus by Norman®

Woodlore® Plus shutters are made of a wood composite hybrid using ultra-lightweight louvers made from material used in car parts, hekmets, and appliances, combined with beautiful wood frames and rails. A host of built-in features and available options make Woodlore® Plus a refreshed enhancement to the world’s best-selling shutter.


Inspired by aircraft wing design, Norman ABS louvers are lightweight and strong.

Choose panel widths up to 36” wide for large openings and unobstructed views.

27 standard color options as well as custom color possibilities!

Choose from a convenient remote or use the app to open and close your shutters from wherever you are!

Choose waterproof for high-moisture or direct water contact areas.

The louvers tilt like magic with no visible rod, instead they use built in gears for precise control.


Its easier to choose the perfect color and material when you can see the options in your home! Schedule your in-home consultation or contact us today for the full list of styles and options.