Create the ultimate outdoor oasis this summer with TEXTON Exterior Shades!

Getting the most out of your patio space usually needs two things, shade and bug control. With TEXTON Exterior Shades you can get extra protection from both with custom options and colors to fit your style and space! Its the perfect addition for outdoor living.

Innovative Channel System

  • TEXTON’s channel system for exterior shades means you are no longer required to cut out existing structure to fit a shade. The system can be installed on the surface of a column and compensate for any vertical deflection that may exist.

  • Using a Z-Lock technology, TEXTON ensures there is no gap between the fabric screen and side channels, preventing a blow-out in the wind.


Its easier to choose the perfect color and material when you can see the options in your home! Schedule your in-home consultation or contact us today for the full list of styles and options.

TEXTON Exterior Shades