Cellular and Honeycomb Shades


Compared to the well insulated walls and roofs of modern homes standard double-pane windows allow 10 to 15 times more heat energy to flow through them. So, despite the fact that windows make up only about 10% of a home’s insulated shell, up to 50% of the home’s heating and cooling energy pours through them. Installing with the right window fashions in your home can reduce heating, cooling and lighting energy needs. We can make insulation beautiful with products that also control light, privacy, and add a fashion statement to the room. Call us to find out how you can reduce your energy bill with Honeycomb Shades.

 Ft. Worth ShadesSouthlake Architella shades

Roanoke ShadesHoneycomb Shades are available in –

  • 1/2″ Double Cell Translucent
  • 3/8″ Soft Double Cell Translucent
  • 3/8″ Double Cell Translucent
  • 3/8″ Double Cell Black Out
  • 3/8″ Double Cell flame Resistant
  • 3/4″ Single Cell Translucent
  • 3/4″ Single Cell Blackout
  • 3/8″ Single Cell Translucent
  • 1/2″ Single Cell Translucent
  • 1 1/4″ Architella Illumi Cell